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Pennsic XXVII :  A war unlike any other.


Pat, Me and Heather

Pat, Me and Heather

Gil, the man who kept us fed

This is Gil, the man who kept us fed all week

On warm afternoons, we'd sit and "take the waters"

One of my favorite pics, care to guess why? <G>

A typical day at camp. (notice the crocodile tale? That is Sir Spot, or a reasonable facsimile.)

I know, I know, the car isn't medieval, but hey, its a dragon.

This is Ron, our friendly neighborhood Robin Hood.

Ironwolf, with some armor he bartered for.

This is Dietrich, my frog prince. Hey! Princes are hard to come by, he was the best I could do at such short notice.
If I kiss him, I don't get a prince, just a very happy frog. <G>

This is a pic on the way to the battle.

More battle pics.

More battle

still more battle.

One more of our camp Robin Hood.


More battle.

John and Nora under the conversation tree.

and last but not least, you guessed it, more battle. It WAS the great Pennsic war ya know. We didn't just dress in silly clothes all week for nothing. <G>

Just to give you an idea of how large an event Pennsic really is, here's an aerial view of just SOME of the campgrounds. Our camp is in the top left corner in front of the trees.

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