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by Rosemary Beard and Libby Sinngleton Copyright 1997

After reading an article on a fantastic new machine in a magazine, NiteRose pulls out her Bunsen burners and vials of interesting chemicals. Meanwhile, Puckypoo slips on a lab coat borrowed from the Natpackers and prepares their machine for the big event.

Setting up a computer in the machine logged into the NA webpage, most specifically the Nunkies Fantasy Manual, NiteRose and Puckypoo hide in a corner and wait. Within minutes HE arrives, dressed in designer black trousers, a tailored black shirt, and black cowboy boots. One corner of LaCroix's magnificently soft lips curl up into the slightest hint of a smile as he peers into the machine's door. Seeing what is on the monitor, he enters and begins to proudly read, and thus relive, his own adventures and conquests.

Puckypoo slams the door, locking him inside, as NiteRose activates the machine. It grinds, it shakes, it shudders!!! An hour later they open the door to find their cloning machine worked! Nunkies for EVERYONE!!!!!

As NiteRose throws confetti with her very own Nunkies before disappearing into the hot tub room, Puckypoo dances a happy dance with hers! There is great rejoicing in the Nunkies Anonymous camp this night (along with other non-PG activities)!

********************************************************* Fin(?)