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The hardest part is deciding what to put on the page.

I have included a list of my favorite pages, the one's I visit most. I'm limited in space and did not intend to ignore or insult anyone who has sites on the web.
First and foremost, I am a fan of the television show, Forever Knight. Special thanks to Sci-Fi Channel for showing it! I am proud to say that I am an N&N Packer, it's the romantic in me, a Light Cousin, a UT (Unholy Trinity) and a FoD (Friend of Don). I have recently joined the Dark Perks and am now a DP! :)

I am also a fan of Dark Shadows, X-Files, and Millenium, so I have included links for these television shows.
I'm also a fan of the musical Phantom of the Opera, and its Tony award winning star, Michael Crawford, so you'll find links for that too on this page.
In real life, I graduated in May 1997 (older student),
with a Bachelor of Arts in European History.
I presented my senior history thesis before the Midwest regional meeting of Phi Alpha Theta
(the International History Honors society) in March of 1997.
Curious about it? Wanna read it?
Talleyrand and the Congress of Vienna
Wanna see where I went to school?
 McKendree College 
I wanted to fill this page with things that interest me.
There are so many, I'm still trying to track down all the links.
So please bear with me.
Remember patience is a virtue. : )

(Yes, roses ARE my favorite flower.)

My Favorite Links

Forever Knight Links
Mortal Love
Home of the N&Npackers. .
N&Npack fan fiction
Forever Knight fan fiction
The N&N Pack Adult Fiction Webpage.
Save Forever Knight
Sci-Fi channel- Forever Knight
nitewind's homepage
StormyNite's Forever Knight Sci-Fi Window
Internet Traveler's Guide to Forever Knight
Chana's page of cool links and things FK
N&N Packers treat page
Light Cousins
My history link page
links to interesting historical things
seen on Forever Knight
My personal archive page.
This is some of the fan fiction I've written.
Forever Knight Episode Guide
Mr Happy's Forever Knight Site
The Unholy Trinity
A faction dedicated to exploring the
relationship possibilities between
Nick, Nat, and LaCroix.
The FoD's (Friends of Don)
A tribute to the best partner Nick ever had.
The  Dark Perculators Homepage
a militant group of thugs dedicated to exploring Tracy Vetter's dark side. Pink is nice , but dark pink is better.
Non-Forever Knight Links
Dark Shadows supernatural page
Dark Shadows homepage

Fox Network's Millenium page

Michael Crawford Links

Krista's Michael Crawford page

EFX! homepage

Ty's Michael Crawford homepage

Phantom of the Opera Links

Phantom of the Opera homepage

The Phantom of the Opera Nexus this is a great site for POTO fans

Kacias's Phantom Shrine

The Official Phantom of the Opera homepage

In Memory of Kathrin and Barb Hachmeister. They left us much too soon, and we miss them.

Background courtesy of Brian Mitchell

This page was last updated January 30,1998

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