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This is my first attempt at making more than just simple garb.

I probably screwed it up, but I tried anyway.

This is the same dress, just done 4 different ways.

with this one I tried making a farthingale (?) with blackwork done in a burgundy color to match the dress.
the bands on the sleeves aren't fastened to anything or each other (yet) they simply slide on. I had a problem with the film on this one. The pics got left in my HOT car and they stuck together. AGHHHH!!!!!!
same dress, I just opened up the partlet and added a string of pearls.And you get a better look at my attempt at a French hood. Its trimed with braided string that was dyed burgundy. The actual "hood" of the hat is a black fabric tube.
This is what the original pattern called for. The sleeves tie on at the shoulders. I used burgundy ribbon for the ties.
Same dress, without the sleeves. This chemise came from a different pattern.